Your Culture Will Adapt to Service the IParty.

Having developed a superior organization for a political party, the IParty will receive services from the American culture. Inevitably, a primitive culture must be adapted to service an advanced culture.

A.      Resistance is Futile.

Americans who oppose the IParty will fail. The Americans use an ancient code scribbled with bird feathers on animal skin.

i).        The IParty will Use Google Glass for Instant Voting. A superior IParty version of Google Glass uses firmware programmed by the IParty. The prototype is shown here. When a new issue arises, all IParty members will vote using IParty Google Glass and provide an immediate decision.

ii.)       All Members Coordinate at All Times using Google Glass. Google Glass transmits image streams from each IParty member to all other IParty members, sends messages instantaneously, and communicates with all levels of the organization. IParty members will connect better than any organization in history.

iii.)      Everyone Will Join the IParty. No IParty member will sleep until every person has joined the IParty. The IParty is the optimum system for all people, and it will continue to recruit until all people have joined.

iv.)      You Will Wear Google Glass. You Will be Assimilated. People wearing Google Glass will join the IParty. You will not want to be left out. You will join the IParty. You will be assimilated. You will wear Google Glass everywhere.

B.       Resistance is Futile.

You must lower your shields and embrace the IParty. Put on IParty Google Glass or face immediate destruction.

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