Many Wealthy People will Help

Wealth does not make a person bad. Most wealthy people are good, just as most poor people are good. Many wealthy people work hard and give generously to charity, just as poor people do. Most wealthy people realize that a fair system is better than an unfair system. Warren Buffet, for example, realizes that it is unfair to tax his secretary at a higher rate than the CEO. Also see The Patriotic Millionaires. Many wealthy people realize that a system that generates a huge middle class will, in the long run, generate a wealthier upper class. Many wealthy people realize that workers should be included in the collective decision making, because they have as much of a stake in the success of their companies as the executives. Workers also have collectively more knowledge of how the company operates than the executives. Watch one episode of Undercover Boss, and this becomes obvious. Representative, constitutional democracies outperform dictatorships over the long term. People who want to be part of truly great organizations should want to be part of representative constitutional democracies. While the IParty expects many rich people to oppose these reforms, it also expects many rich people to embrace and support these reforms, because they will promote the long term health and growth of the system. These reforms will also reduce the potential for adversarial relations between the rich and poor by promoting greater overall wealth and equality.

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