Reforming Corporate Associations

Corporations are fictional entities created by laws. They are the end result of the state and federal statutes, which in turn depend on the Constitution. For most people, the structure of the public and private companies they work for influence their lives more than the federal government. For this reason, the IParty should focus on corporate reforms. These reforms can be carried out both within the current system and as systemic reforms.

Corporations are inherently a legal fiction yet inherently more powerful than individuals. Corporations can live forever. Corporations can be everywhere at once. Corporations cannot be put in jail. Corporations can build what no single human ever could build. Corporations can act collectively like an entire government. When an individual works for a corporation, their freedom is just as much at risk of loss as to any government. However, the power of corporations, like the power of government, is derived from individuals. Corporations need not and should not be given the same rights as individuals. They should be treated like governments (as they largely are right now), and treated as having limited powers. In fact, all organizations of individuals are essentially a fiction. The organization derives its existence and all of its powers from the individuals composing the organization and the individuals excluded by it.

Currently, corporations are controlled by boards that are very sympathetic to the needs of executive and administrative officers, and less sympathetic to the needs of front line workers. The board members for one company are often drawn from the executive ranks of other companies. For publicly traded companies, this should change.

A.)       Promote Stock Option Fairness

B.)       Some Board of Directors Members Elected by Employees

C.)       Divided Corporate Power Structures

D.)       Corporations Must Not Pay Government Regulators

E.)       Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act

F.)       Reinvigorate Anti-Trust Enforcement

G.)       Many Wealthy People will Help

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