Reform of the Energy System

The energy system is arguably the biggest system we have. The system removes mountain tops, floods large geographic regions, fractures subsurface geological formations, measurably changes the components of our atmosphere, changes the acidity of the ocean, and affects the climate. It employs millions of people. If it were disrupted or destroyed, society would quickly descend into chaos and war. It underpins many of the joys of modern life: cool grocery stores on 100 degree days, jet rides to Paris, the open highway, iphones, the Internet, outdoor music festivals, warm homes on winter days, etc. Only a very few in our society want to do away with its benefits.

The energy system bulges with opportunities for improvements. With the right approach, we can create great jobs and economic activity in the United States while solving our energy problems. The solution, in the short term, is to reduce the harm created by the fossil fuel side of the energy system, and to accelerate the transition to non-fossil fuel energy production methods. The IParty will develop a full energy system policy platform. There are many well thought out reforms already published by a vast variety of organizations and individuals. The reforms below are mere placeholders.

A.        Impose Tax and Rebate System for Carbon Emissions

B.        End Oil and Gas Subsidies

C.        Transition from Inefficient and Polluting Technologies

D.        Advocating Starry Night Policies

E.         Support Net Metering

F.         IParty Provides Guidance for Members

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