The IParty will Actively Recruit Candidates

Elections are popularity contests. The party can attempt to deny this, but it should face the truth, and adapt accordingly. Candidates should be evaluated on whether they can win popularity contests. Popularity is a fickle thing, but it also has enduring traits and tendencies.

Governing is a representative occupation. The person elected should be capable of putting aside their personal opinions and desires, and representing the desires and opinions of their constituents.

Governing is also an opportunity for creative leadership. As Steve Jobs and many others have proved, sometimes most people can’t easily articulate what they want until they see it. At other times, leaders think people want something, but the leaders are wrong. It is the responsibility of the leaders and elected representatives of the party to propose and promote courses of action, and get feedback from their constituents about whether they want a particular result.

The group of people most suited to these tasks may be trained actors and actresses. Actors and actresses can win popularity contests. They are often very popular. Successful actors and actresses also have name recognition and the professional and financial freedom to run for office. They can put aside their personal opinions and desires to represent the desires of the writers and directors. This is analogous to putting aside personal opinions and desires to represent constituents and a political party. They are good at entertaining people, and capturing their interest. Also, time spent in political office would advance the careers of many actors and actresses, as they gain fame through politics.

It goes without saying that actors such as Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Franken and Clint Eastwood have already proven the viability of this path. However, the Internet allows people with talent and/or training, but without former name recognition to “go viral” and achieve instant name recognition. Therefore there is no need to limit the potential pool of candidates to already successful actresses and actors.

It goes without mention that attorneys are also trained to put aside their particular beliefs and represent the interests of others. They are also familiar with the law. There may already be too many politicians who are lawyers.

Younger working class people should also be recruited as candidates. The energy and mental acuity of the young is an advantage. Also, the problems of the working class are often missed by main stream politicians, who fail to appeal to younger voters.

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