Fun, Entertainment, and Education

The IParty should be a place where having fun and making jokes is allowed. Fundraising must be a big part of the party, and therefore fun and entertainment are essential. The party should endorse, encourage and organize parties and festivals, purely for fun. The IParty should also promote and encourage protests and, especially, flash mobs. Flash mobs can be the interesting and attractive dress rehearsals for the most important flash mob the IParty needs to organize– at the primary election.

Fun is an inevitable part of a party. So inevitable, in fact, that the party should adopt a motto that reminds us of this inevitability. “Resistance is futile.” You will be assimilated into our structured confederation of fun.

The IParty should also seek to further the education of its membership. It should provide free podcasts of party positions that can be listened to during a commute. It should provide videos over the internet, to relieve people of the task of reading. It should also provide a reading of important classics of history that are no longer under copyright that can be listened to during a commute, or while cleaning the kitchen. It should provide commentary on the relevance of the classics to the IParty and the politics of today. It should encourage members to further their education by providing a reading list. The IParty should also promote the teaching of civics, ethics and moral values through the teaching of history in public schools.

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