Elected IParty Members will Govern Responsively

i.)       An Internet Forum will Guide the Elected IParty Member. An internet forum, similar to slashdot.org, would be available for the discussion of topics which may be voted on by the elected IParty members. The forum would provide a kick-off article to introduce a topic, and then allow a moderated discussion of the topic to inform the voting membership. Any member could post a comment. Dues paying members could moderate the discussion, marking particular comments as informative, interesting, funny, insightful, troll, flame-bait, etc. Viewers of the forum could set their preferences to see only particularly good comments. At the end, the membership could vote.

One option is that the voting could be weighted, according to one or more factors. For example, weights might be assigned according to expertise (vocational or academic, for example) on a particular subject, membership status, dues paying status, number of years as a member, etc.

Another option is that voting could be unweighted, and strictly proceed on a one-man one vote scheme. A third option would be to tally the votes both ways, weighted and unweighted, to better inform the elected IParty representative. An additional option would be to allow voting by proxy, so that members could allocate their votes to another member with expertise on a particular subject.

ii.)       The Elected IParty Member will Govern According to Stated IParty Principles. The candidate should make a pledge during the campaign to govern according to an agreed-upon IParty method once in office. Once elected to an office, an elected member of the IParty should use the IParty membership and services to inform their votes.

iii.)      The IParty Members will Rate the Elected IParty Member’s Performance. The IParty will keep track of its elected officials and how they vote. It will aim for great transparency in the voting records of the IParty office holders. As a service, the IParty will adopt a rating system for office holders and use it to inform the membership on the job performance of the elected official. It will also rate candidates and office holders who are not IParty members according to the same rating system.

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