Constitutional Convention to Amend the Constitution

The Constitution is really old. Really, really old. Take a look at it sometime. It was written on parchment (paper made from animal skin, not wood pulp) with a quill pen. It is Pre-railroad old. Before steamboats and light bulbs. We’ve since invented skyscrapers, jets, maglev trains, computers, the Internet, mobile phones, and Instagram. The way we communicate and how we live have changed drastically. The Constitution is the agreement that formed the federal government, and allows it to continue to exist. Yet the Constitution remains essentially the same, written for the 18th century lifestyle. It was written to govern a small set of 13 independent agrarian colonies. The Constitution needs an update.

A major goal of the IParty should be to convene an Amendments Convention to propose amendments to the Constitution. This procedure is provided for under Article 5 of the Constitution, and is long overdue to be used. Many of the current problems with the federal system require constitutional amendments. An Amendments Convention would allow these amendments to be considered as a package, and allow delegations from the states to form coalitions to pass the amendments they need to by supporting the amendments they can live with. For example, many states will want a balanced budget amendment. Some states may want states rights increased and greater limitations on the commerce clause in Article I of the Constitution. Compromises can be reached, and the various amendments can be written as a single amendment, in order to pass needed changes.

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