Strategies: Methods of Transition from Current System to Improved System

We can’t just wish for our old system to disappear and an improved system to appear. We are committed to using our current system. We must take the current system into account, and use the current system to transition to a new system. We must have a comprehensive strategy that will succeed from a starting point dominated by two parties. The IParty is constituted as an adjunct to the Democratic party, similar to the Tea Party. The IParty will also have a separate identity from the Democratic Party, and nominate its own candidates where the Democratic Party fields none. To accomplish its goals under existing law, the IParty will comprise a national political party called the IParty Democrats, a political action committee called the IParty Super PAC, and a 501(c)(4) group called the IParty Wellbeing Group. The three will overlap in structure, brand, philosophy, and membership. The three organizations may be referred to as simply the “IParty” for the sake of brevity.

A.      IParty, NOT a Self-Defeating Third Party

B.      Improved Party Structure

C.      The IParty will Actively Recruit Candidates

D.      Elected IParty Members will Govern Responsively

E.      Fun and Entertainment

F.      Constitutional Convention to Amend the Constitution

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