Needed Improvements to the Structure of Government

When the Constitution was passed, people used candles to light their homes, and rode horses to pass messages from one person to another. There was no electricity, no telegraph, no interstate highway, no railroad, and no steam boats. Travel from New Hampshire or Georgia to Washington DC would have required many days. The round trip for a message and response would be more than a week. In 1776, the stage coach between New York and Philadelphia was about a two day journey, rather than under two hours by automobile. People can now pass messages in milliseconds.

The infrastructure of the time put constraints on the system of government. A republic was a practical necessity, and opportunities for direct democracy were limited by such practical considerations. Other limitations were built into the system because of practical constraints.

Systems of government matter. Two stark historical experiments in Germany and Korea prove that political systems can either lift or oppress a population. The system in the United States is a good one, but it can be made better. The focus of the IParty should not be on what advantage can be gained under the current system, but how the system can be advantageously improved. To paraphrase President Kennedy, ask not what your broken system can do for you, ask what you can do to fix your broken system.

A.        Limiting Executive Branch Powers

B.        Constitutional Updates

C.        House and Senate

D.        Regularizing Supreme Court Operations

E.         Divide Government into More Independent Branches

F.         Democratizing Federal and State Components

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