IParty Declaration of Independence

IParty Declaration of Independence

We, the members of the Democratic Party, must now sever the bonds keeping us chained in our two party system, for reasons known only too well to us and to our party leaders. Out of respect for ourselves and our leaders, we shall openly declare the causes which impel us to sever these bonds and recover our rights under our Constitution.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

That the Democratic Party must behave like a democratic organization;

That all voters deserve equal access to their representatives;

That representatives should keep promises made during election campaigns;

That any party mainly controlled by large campaign donations must be reformed or dissolved.

It pains the intellect to make such obvious statements, but few need reminding how far short the Democratic Party has fallen. Yet we continue to vote for them, fearing the Republicans will do worse. This must end. We have witnessed the Democratic Party commit a long train of abuses and usurpations upon its supporting voters:

They have failed to enforce tax and election laws, allowing corporations to give unlimited amounts of secret money to political campaigns;

They have cravenly sold “access” to our representatives to the highest contributor;

They have benefitted from lax campaign finance laws, exploiting loopholes instead of passing reforms;

They have selected candidates for primary elections on the basis of whether they can raise money from big corporations;

They have maintained tax cuts for the wealthy and allowed payroll taxes to rise on the poor, so that billionaires pay may pay smaller percentages;

They have allowed insurance companies to write health care reform laws;

They have put telecommunications lobbyists and employees in charge of the Federal Communications Commmission after promising net neutrality;

They have failed to enforce anti-trust laws to prevent corporations from enlarging their monopolies;

They have put wall street bankers in charge of the federal reserve after promising to end the problem of having banks too big to fail;

They have failed to reinstate banking protections such as the Glass-Steagall act;

They have failed to pass balanced budgets;

They have caved on environmental issues, putting public health and public lands at risk;

They have failed to end fossil fuel subsidies and take meaningful action on global warming;

They have continued to allow drilling and mining companies to ignore clean water act standards;

They have failed to use the Internet to fully empower their voting constituents;

They have allowed minority republicans in the Senate to abuse filibuster rules and control the majority;

They have pursued criminal charges against citizens (e.g. James Risen and Ed Snowden) for disclosing unconstitutional practices in the government after promising to have the most open government in history and promising to protect whistleblowers;

They have expanded the use of National Security Letters to order US companies to turn over information about innocent US citizens with no court order, and further to gag those companies from speaking to anyone about the letters http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_security_letter;

They have expanded presidential powers to allow spying on all Americans telephone and internet use http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_surveillance_disclosures;

They have expanded and used presidential powers to allow the president to order the killing of people in foreign countries, even including US citizens, with no effective congressional or judicial oversight http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drone_attacks_in_Pakistan;


Reporters, organizations, and concerned citizens have repeatedly asked nicely, editorialized, demonstrated, petitioned, volunteered and donated to Democratic Party campaigns. We have been largely ignored. If the Democratic Party will not take up our causes, we will take them up ourselves. We are organizing a new group called the IParty Democrats that will be run under a democratic constitution. The IParty will find new candidates for Democratic Primary elections dedicated to promoting campaign finance reform, keeping their campaign promises and giving all citizens equal access.


In 2016, we pledge to:

  1. Vote in the Democratic primary elections to vote for new leaders to run the Democratic Party.
  2. Vote for candidates devoted and pledged to campaign finance reform.
  3. Vote for candidates devoted to serving all their consitutents, and keeping their campaign promises.

The IParty will:

  1. Allow it’s members to choose a constitution to govern the IParty.
  2. Vote on IParty leaders, candidates and issues over the Internet.
  3. Recruit as many candidates committed to election finance reform for the Democratic Primary elections as possible.
  4. Remind it’s members when and where to vote.
  5. Get the big money out of politics!


IParty Democrats

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