The IParty is a small group of people with a plan for a new democratic movement in the U.S. We are currently seeking funding to continue and expand our efforts.

I first conceived of a group similar to the IParty called the Primary Democrats in 2005. However, work and family life prevented the serious work needed to turn this idea into a movement. In 2013, I realized that if I did not devote all my efforts to this project, it would not happen.

I developed the IParty plan over the past few months with input from many family members and friends. I would especially like to thank Adam Davis, Brian Tripp, Matthew Kern, Michelle Kern, Jennifer Tremblay, John Vadeboncoeur and Christine Marshall, all of whom made substantial contributions to the IParty plan outlined on the web site.  I would also like to thank my wider circle of friends and family, for listening to my ideas and providing encouragement and moral support. I would especially like to thank my daughters, Nina and Lilly, for providing both valuable insights and motivation to succeed. Finally, I would like to recognize that essentially all of the ideas here come from other people– the culture and history I have absorbed. I may have put together a collage of ideas in a slightly unique way, but I am neither the inventor of the constitutional republic nor the first person to suggest limiting NSA spying. As a patent attorney, I have learned that really new ideas are few and far between. Most every new invention incorporates many past inventions, putting them together in a novel (and hopefully non-obvious) way. The ideas and lessons from people too numerous to mention are responsible for the creation of the IParty.

–Mark Tremblay 8/20/2014

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