The “I” in IParty stands for Internet, Interlink, Inter-systems, Inspiration, Inventing, Intellect, Initiative, and Improvement. The IParty will literally bring democracy to new levels.

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 Executive Summary

           The IParty creates an adjunct to the Democratic party to avoid dividing the Democratic party vote and throwing general elections to Republicans opposed to IParty positions. The IParty joins elements of the Libertarian, Progressive, and Green wings of the Democratic party to form a voting bloc capable of winning primary elections. The IParty will seek to field candidates in all state and federal elections, including areas conceded by the Democrats.

The IParty structures itself as three democratic republics within three distinct organizations to exemplify the reforms desired in other parts of society. The IParty will fight to reform government and corporate structures by adding to them internal democratic, representative and constitutional elements. The IParty will champion individual liberties by working towards a constitutional convention to restore the eroded Bill of Rights, and enumerate additional rights. The IParty will seek to increase economic equality by reforming corporate structures, for example by adding members of corporate boards elected by employees, and reforming the distribution of stock options. The IParty will work towards improving our system of producing energy to mitigate environmental problems and to create jobs in the U.S. The IParty will work to preserve the new freedoms made possible by the Internet. Finally, the IParty will live by a set of core principles to create a recognized brand trusted by voters.



The Democratic and Republican parties keep failing to represent the broad interests of the American public, letting inequality and injustice grow in our society. Our two party system prevents many unrepresented voices from building momentum or creating a popular “third” party capable of winning federal elections, with one exception. The Tea Party carved out space within the Republican Party, reinvigorating debate among republicans. However, the results have not always been positive. Unfortunately, the Tea Party often insists on obstructing and upsetting our system of government, rather than renewing and healing it.

Learning from the successes and failures of the Tea Party, an adjunct party within the Democratic Party could have a positive effect by reinvigorating debate, testing new ideas, and staving off the formation of counterproductive third parties. The IParty can fill this role. It can be many things the Tea Party is not: progressive, well structured, friendly to science and the environment, socially tolerant, worker friendly, and compromising where practical. The IParty can build the system up, not tear it down. Like the Tea Party, the IParty can also be a champion of individual liberties, private property, capitalism, religious freedom, lower taxation, and political debate. In fact, the IParty should surpass the Tea Party as a true champion in these areas.

So many opportunities for improvement hang in the air that the IParty should not set small goals. The IParty must set an example to all other political parties on how a party should be structured and run.

The IParty should seek major updates to the US Constitution. “Constitutions must change over time if they are to endure.” according to Prof. John E. Finn at Wesleyan. Well, now is the time. The Constitution is so old, it was written with bird feathers on animal skin. It was designed to control a small collection of struggling agrarian colonies on the Eastern seaboard, not a space age transcontinental superpower. Yet we have a president, Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court because of the Constitution. This bird feather and animal skin document still controls the Federal Government today.

In 2014, we can write on electrons in the cloud. The IParty must aim high. Small amendments or single issues will fail to attract enough attention and momentum to succeed. We must address fundamentally new circumstances. What does “freedom of the press” mean in the age of the Internet? How can judges fully protect the “right to keep and bear arms” in the age of nuclear weapons? How much latitude should the TSA have to “reasonably” search individuals and limit the right to keep and bear arms in an age of jets that can carry 853 people? Have our technologies changed the fundamental principles enunciated in 1792? Has our language and culture changed? Has human nature changed?

The IParty outline given here is intended to be a starting point for the formation of a new democratic political party. The IParty needs members. If you, the reader, see particular things that you don’t like, or have additional ideas, you should remember that the IParty structure is democratic. All of the positions found here can be changed by voting within the IParty.